Florida Sangenkai Internal Power Study Group.

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Internal Power: The way of the Plaid shirt…

Out of respect to all the hard work Dan has done to re-discover, demystify, and develop teaching and training methodologies for developing internal power, Dan insists and we recognize that this is knowledge that has been discovered/developed, kept as secret knowledge, integrated into Martial arts, mis-taught and mis-understood, lost, and re-discovered many times over the centuries in various countries and disciplines.

The intent of Sangenaki is to utilize Dan’s knowledge, experience and especially the teaching methodologies and exercises, to build better body awareness and control. By learning to direct individual tissues, (fascia, tendons, muscles) one can learn to control the collaboration of tissues and manifest Internal Power in an Aiki-body, rather than merely using kinetic (dynamic) energy.

The basis of this approach is to learn to control one’s body and movement through a series of solo exercises and paired practice to learn to connect and recruit tissues from different parts of the body to work in concert, both to express power and to build stability in the body when standing or moving.

Sangenkai Florida is dedicated to making the study and practice of the Sangenkai approach to developing IP more available to the various practitioners and interested parties in the southeastern region of the United states (South Florida in particular) beyond the few times per year that Dan holds a seminar in Atlanta or Florida. While the background of this group of practitioners is primarily Aiki (Aikido and Daito-ryu) the practice of the Sangenkai method is not restricted to Aiki waza.